Random Life Lesson #2 Inconsistent People

It doesn’t take much to know when you are always the last called, or the one a person calls only when they need something from you…I’ve just learned to accept these people as they are, and I deal with them from a very lengthy distance. I will not give these people any more energy than they give me. 

I always hear about how spent, and drained people get from overextending themselves for others….just don’t, you’ll feel a hell of a lot better…save your blood-pressure levels and hurt feelings, and deal with those that give you pure, unconditional love.

This is my favorite picture of me and my best friend….this was us on our way to Afropunk2013 in BK New York. 

We live far from each other but she always has an ear and a smile for me…she’ll never know how much I appreciate her warmth..and for accepting my brand of weird. We always have fun together and I hope we’re friends for years and years.

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Kaytranada murdered this.
I loveeeeee this…I heard it a few weeks ago on my favorite podcast “The Read” with Crissles and Kid Fury…it made me remember how much I LOVE Azealia Banks